Albert Rousseau

Albert Rousseau, considered one of the best landscape painters in Quebec, falls into the same category as Marc-Aurèle Fortin, René Richard, Francesco Iacurto, Jean Paul Lemieux, and Léo Ayotte. He always believed in the need to constantly work on his art in order to evolve as an artist; he once told a reporter, “We sign our death warrant on the day we stop evolving. "
Albert Rousseau, on the fringes of institutions, has distinguished himself in artistic and cultural animation since the start of the Quiet Revolution.
During his long career, Rousseau took pleasure in trying out various materials and techniques, in painting in oils or in watercolors, in using polymers and glaze, in drawing in Chinese pencil or in engraving copper, in inventing his nudes. or its abstractions on linen, cotton, Plexiglas or wood, to translate the family home into pictorial language.
He tirelessly painted luminous works, full of joy and color, until his sudden death in 1982, at the age of 73.
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