Léo Ayotte

Born into a modest family, he began his studies at the Seraphic College then at the Seminaries of Trois-Rivières and Nicolet. An undisciplined student, he abandoned his studies at the end of his rhetoric and began to compose poems and then to paint.
Without money, he also picks up the half-empty tubes left by neglectful students and uses them to paint. Director Maillard would later tell him when he saw one of his paintings: “You are my best pupil.” Brilliant conversationalist and appreciated by all, he can earn enough money to make his dream of visiting France come true, as will more. later François Déziel, nicknamed the "Painter of Mauricie", great friend of Ayotte.In 1963, after a year in France, he returned to the country and, until 1975, he participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Quebec.
Suffering from cancer, he was transported on December 18, 1976 to Saint-Hyacinthe Hospital, where he died three days later. Léo Ayotte writes and paints, finding his inspiration in natural landscapes. He often used only one brush to make a work.
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