Miyuki Tanobe

Miyuki Tanobe is a Canadian painter of Japanese origin, based in Montreal, Quebec. She is known for her paintings of the daily life of Montrealers. His work is part of the collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Quebec Museum, Lavalin, Pratt & Whitney and Shell Canada and Selection du Reader's Digest. She is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Miyuki Tanobe's work reflects freedom of action. She paints mainly on rigid supports such as wood or masonite plates. Her panels are filled with scenes she has observed, like children playing ice hockey.
His modern primitive works depict everyday life in the working-class neighborhoods of Montreal with humor and great sensitivity. She transforms "humble and inescapable reality" by reformulating it, adding or removing elements according to her appreciation of their contribution to the scene.

A painting by Miyuki Tanobe gets to the heart of the matter: the artist wants to open the viewer's eyes so that they can better see the familiar and adjust their perception of what they think they know.
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